Take the Risk

At this point, the entrepreneur realizes he is committed to the ride ahead whether he likes it or not. Both the rider and the entrepreneur try to relax and get a breath of fresh air before the journey ahead. In the next second, they are off again. Screaming down a 150-foot drop at 100 mph, full of chaos, twists, and turns. Neither are entirely sure where the ride is taking them, but they must trust they made the right decision beginning this adventure. If you have ever conquered your fear of roller coasters, you know that the risk was well worth the feeling you had at the finish line. Every successful entrepreneur will tell you the very same thing.

There are many benefits that come with the risk of starting your own business venture. The greatest benefit in my opinion, is their ability to give back to the community. The relationship between the community and small business is something very special. Small business allows communities to grow internally amongst themselves. It provides the community with many job opportunities that give the locals a chance at work if they are not interested or qualified for corporate work. Competition stimulates the growth of other small businesses within the community, only providing the community with more jobs. The community also benefits from keeping its tax dollars circulating locally. By giving back to the community on a consistent basis, your business will inherit the loyal, regular customers. If an economic crisis arises, big business will take a devastating loss, while the local business will most likely be able to adapt to the crisis due to their loyal customers.