About Speaking Online

Teleseminars are strictly audio and are delivered over the phone or online. A webinar is a teleclass with visuals, usually via a PowerPoint slide show, that’s delivered online in a visual format.

Both teleclasses and webinars are great ways to deliver your signature talk to groups of people worldwide. When used together with joint venture partners, teleseminars can be one of the fastest ways to build your list, as well as attract more clients and sell information products.

Create a signature talk that you can use as a teleseminar or webinar, and look for opportunities to deliver it. To make a signature talk, draw from your signature program. Pick a few of your steps to cover and talk about why they are important and what results can be expected from going through them.

Give your audience just enough content to see the value and want more, i.e., your program. That is, give them what they need to know to lead them to what you have to offer.


Speaking live can be a very lucrative way to get your message out and get clients. Here are some tips for where to find speaking gigs:

· Online organizations such as eSpeakers and Women Speakers Association

· Local networking groups that have your target market

· National groups such as BNI and Meet-up local chapters

· Local clubs who are looking for speakers such as Lions Clubs and Rotary Clubs

· Joint venture partners who have an audience that is your target market

· Do your own talk, publicize it in your community and use a local facility such as your local library

· Toastmasters and Entrepreneur Groups

Set up Your Own Workshop

Another angle on speaking to groups is to give a free workshop. It could be something where your attendees actually do something as they learn from you. This is a great way to get high-quality leads for your back-end coaching programs. They get first hand experience working with you and a certain percentage of those participants will want to work with you further.